About Me - Richard Bane

 Photography found me in a simplest way. My wife gave me a camera as a birthday gift. Since then I have not been able to go a week without a camera in my hand. I spend countless hours dreaming  about what I want to photograph next. The true gift my wife gave me was the gift to finally show others the way I see the world. My world being The San Francisco Bay Area. The subject matter in this area seems endless and I count myself beyond lucky to live and work here.

 Personally I am not a fan of being photographed, being behind the lens therefore is my super happy place. My own self consciousness gives me a great sense of responsibility to capture my subjects true self. If I have done my job right I usually hear. "You really got me." Sometimes even a few tears. To sit next to another human and see them cry at a image of them selves is a feeling I cannot describe.

 What other business can you do where making your client cry is a good thing? 

 Please feel to contact me with any questions you might have regarding prints or sittings.

Richard Bane